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Are you interested in learning the art of animation? Do you want to create your own captivating stories and bring them to life through the magic of animation? I am excited to announce that I am open to giving animation workshops, where I will share my passion and knowledge about this fascinating medium.


In my workshops, the participants will learn through practical exercises how to tell their own stories. We start with the fundamentals of animation principles, including timing, spacing, and gradually explore more advanced techniques such as character design, storyboarding, and post-production. Through a wide range of topics, my workshops are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the entire animation process, from the first idea to the screen.

Past Workshops


Guest lecture at Universidad Anáhuac Veracruz campus Xalapa in the Animation class (MEX)


17. August-22. August 2020
Animation Workshop in Medien Kultur Haus Wels
with the animator Philipp Pamminger